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474 Yalick Road - PO BOX 802

DALLAS, PA 18612


April 2014


Pastor        Rev. Charles H. Grube

Administrative Assistant Abby Aristeo

Director of Music/Organist, Sr. Choir,

Chime Choir Director   Connie Wilt

Chapel & Emmanuel Choir Director Jean Grube

Custodian                   Joan Cease

Sexton                 James Madonna



       2014                        2015                         2016       

  Bruce Thomas*        Annie Bisher*         Keith Brosious*

  Kathy Michael*          Carol Fett              Ray Mancke*

  Bill Peiffer               Brian Doran           Diane Gordon

  Alice Baer           Steve Thompson           Rob Rolland

*Final Term



President    Rev. Charles H. Grube

Vice-President        Bruce Thomas

Secretary                Keith Brosious

Treasurer                     Carol Fett



Christian Education Kathy Michael/Keith Brosious

Evangelism/Stewardship Annie Bisher/Diane Gordon

Fellowship                    Carol Fett

Finance   Ray Mancke/Bill Peiffer/

          Bruce Thomas/Rob Rolland

Head Start/Early Intervention Diane Gordon

Landscaping Brian Doran/Steve Thompson

Long Range Planning Ray Mancke/Rob Rolland

Parish Nurse                 Carol Fett

Property Bruce Thomas/Brian Doran/Carol Fett

Salary Review         Bruce Thomas

Social Ministry              Alice Baer

Staff Support Steve Thompson/Bill Peiffer

Worship & Music Alice Baer/Bill Peiffer




Sunday School Superintendent Marjorie Marquart

Financial Secretary          Ruth Ide





   The next issue of the GOOD NEWS will be the May 2014 issue.  The deadline for

all submissions will be Noon, Sunday, April 20th.


Please remember that items for the Saturday and Sunday bulletins are due in the

church office by Noon on Thursdays.






Please remember to ask permission from the person you are placing on

the prayer list.


Pray for the Congregations of

St. John, Nanticoke and St. Mark, Pond Hill.


Pray for Shut-In Members: Bernie Hill, Margrit Hislop, Bruni Bayer.


Pray for those suffering illness: 

 Members: Kristy Bellezza, JoAnn Brown, Kate Confer, Marge Fritzinger, Dick Glass,

Catherine Grieshaber, Dottie Henry, Hank Henry, Nancy Johnson, Andy Kaskus,

Barbara Kessler, Gail Koup, Hugh Lamberton, Ray Mancke, Jan Martinchak, Vic McCarty,

Cheryl Myers, John Reishus, Dianna Smith, Betty Weaver.


 Family & Friends: Bob Askew, Veronica Bashaw, Sylvia Bator, Larry Berdis,

Carolyn Bernardi, Kevin Bowles, Amy Bush, Nicole Cadwalader, Martha Cease,

Alicen Cheshire, Chris Crawford, Beth Cunius, James Cwilina, Gladys Debesis, Susan

Diedrickson, Joe Galardi, Jack Gallo, Jim Grady, Emma Horensky, Audrey Jenkins,

Mildred Kelly, Dan Kopen, Bob Lane, Martha Linski, Loughnane Family, Alicia Mack,

Luana Maross, Marilyn & Carl Matthews, Margaret McGiffin, Jane McRoy, Sue Mertz,

Bob Nause, Harold Niemeyer, baby Parker, Emil Pinto, Walter Roberts, Vanessa

Robinson, Rodney Samson, Betty Schultz, Bill Shafer, Niki Cheskiewitz Shotwell,

Linda Van Gorder, Joe Vereb, Donna Werkheiser, Ed & Ruby Williams, Matt Williams,

Bobby Zeigler.


  Pray for military personnel: Brian Bayer, Katie Dale, Brian Rigez, Paul Rigez,

Paul Hiller, Andrew Hiller, David Dymond, William B. Phillips, Jerry Price, Phillip Miller,

Matt Lipo, Joe Walsh, Robert Stevens, Adam Wendoloski, Joshua Knobel, David Spangenberg,

Lt. Commander 04 Shaun McAndrew, Cpl. Christopher Avery, Major Cindy Ruckno,

Major Kevin Andersen, Captain Frank J. Michael, Jr., Daniel Worthington, Michael Tanner,

Stanley Brudnicki, Charles Brudnicki, CDR Chris Petrock, Jason Reed, Ethan Jacobs,

Pvt. Kevin Fritzges, Dustin Siperko, John Feher, Aaron Coburn, Justin Thomas,

Specialist Steven J. Martin, Private Esme Molina, Michael Hoffman, Matthew Yurko,

Don Zimmerman.





March 2014


- Secretary’s report was accepted as presented.

- Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.







$   13,525.00

$   13,104.00


$   12,419.00

$   13,638.00
































$   25,944.00

$   26,742.00


Budget Update: St. Paul's finances as of

February 2014:


February 2014

Year to Date*

February 2013

Year to Date*

Total Income*

   $  30,786.36

   $  33,054.85


   $    5,000.00

   $    6,000.00

Total Expenses

   $   42821.51

   $  44,047.05


*General Fund - does not include Special Appeals or

     Designated Funds


Mortgage Retirement Phase III Campaign:

Total Pledged:

1/1/2014 to 12/31/2016:      $  84,204.99


Total Received to Date:            $    5,090.00


Loan Obligation Balance:                    $406,515.32


Monthly Loan Payment:           $    2,929.88





Treasurer’s Notes: A line item was opened under Special Appeals for the Bear

Creek Youth Leader and a donation of $1,000 was received in February.  The

electric bill jumped again this month: $3,002.66 for the period of 1/4/14 to

2/3/14 -- an increase of $493.00 over last month.  The books for 2013 were

audited and report was shared with Pastor, the Finance Committee, Dorcas,

and Brotherhood.


Evangelism: We are ready for the first meeting of Grandparents Raising

Grandchildren (GRG), with Frank Mariano facilitating.  Began discussion of a

Senior Fair to be held in the fall.  First proof of Photo Directory will be checked

 for corrections.


Social Ministry: Clothing donated by the congregation was sorted and bagged,

to be taken to St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen.  Discussion of hygiene kits for

homeless.  Easter Baskets will be prepared for those who cannot attend services. 

Social Ministry will prepare the Lenten meal on Wednesday, March 19th.


Christian Education: Planning an intergenerational family event for Palm Sunday

with the theme of “empty tomb”.  Youth Sunday will be March 16th.  Six youth are

interested in attending the ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit in 2015.  Kathy Michael

is planning an activity for Junior Youth to stuff eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.


Worship & Music: Number of bulletins printed each week should reflect the weather

and the lower attendance numbers.  Lenten meal will be prepared by Worship & Music

on March 12th.  Heidi Schukraft has agreed to be coordinator for crucifers.  Pew cushions

will be cleaned of candle wax.  White paraments have been mended and cleaned courtesy

of Mary Trexler Walters.  Youth Sunday will be a Narrative Communion Service.  Daily

readings for Lent will be published on St. Paul’s website and Facebook in addition to the

weekly bulletin insert.


Old Business: Seeking voting members (one male, one female) to represent St. Paul’s at

both the Mission District (May 3) and Synod (May 30-31) Assemblies.


New Business:  Established Nominating Committee for upcoming Council Elections in May. 

Kathy Michael and Bruce Thomas will serve on this committee.






  The March meeting was called to order by president Chris Bellezza with twenty-two

members present and one visitor, Audrey Lago.


  Hostesses were Hope Beisel, Jean Wilson, and Marge Johnson.


  Lois Gdovin reviewed persons to whom she sent birthday/get well/thinking of you

cards.  A request was made to send Hugh Lamberton a card as he will be celebrating

his 92nd birthday on March 27th.


  Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports were approved as presented.


  Old Business:

    1.  Pew cushions were returned from the cleaners.

    2.  Missal stand was replated.

    3.  Wire hanger holders arrived and need to be assembled.

    4.  Lenten meal: chili, mixed salad, rice pudding and cookies will be served.  Marge

McCarty volunteered to bring soda; help requested with clean-up.


New Business:

    Motion made and passed for Dorcas to cover refreshment expenses for Quilt Show

which will be held on August 23rd.


  Next meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 8th and hostesses will be

Geri Williams, Helen Carey, and Carol Fett.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Fett, Secretary






  A little boy opened the big and old family Bible with fascination, and looked at the old

pages as he turned them.  Suddenly, something fell out of the Bible, and he picked it up

and looked at it closely.  It was an old leaf from a tree that had been pressed in between

the pages.


  “Momma, look what I found,” the boy called out.


  “What have you got there, dear?” his mother asked.


  With astonishment in the young boy’s voice, he answered: “I think it’s Adam’s suit!”









Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


  “We remember our Lord’s passover from death to life as we proclaim the mystery of

faith: Christ has died. Christ is risen.  Christ will come again.”  We declare that together

weekly, and perhaps thoughtlessly.  But this is the season given to us to ponder it and

its significance thoughtfully and prayerfully.  Look at the verbs: has, is, will.  Past, present,

and future, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the one who was, is, and ever

will be. Ponder the order of things: passover from death to life. Celebrate the mystery –

the crux (that’s from the Latin for cross) of our faith: three succinct and simple sentences

of confession.  Engage in the mission it calls us to: proclaim.


  May these days of the paschal mystery be rich for you.


Thoughtfully and prayerfully,







  We are spending our midweek Lent worship gatherings together rehearsing the

Ten Commandments and hearing and reflecting on scripture readings chosen to reflect

the parts of the Small Catechism: Holy Baptism, the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer,

 the Ten Commandments, and Holy Communion.  The reflecting part of the service is

probably what strikes most of us as unusual.  Rather than having one person reflect

on the scripture for all in preaching, all the gathered are reflecting on the scripture

by responding to questions designed to draw us into the text through repeated hearings. 

The technique is based on an ancient process of reading and reflecting on the texts called

Lectio Divina, or Sacred Reading, which is very popular in Christian communities in

Africa, Latin America, and Asia.  It’s perhaps uncomfortable for some because we’re

 not used to it, but hearing and reflecting on the scriptures is a fundamental practice

of our faith.  Try it at home or in small groups, and see how the scriptures speak to you.






  This month, we come to the heart of the paschal mystery of Jesus’ passion, suffering,

death, and resurrection.  The climax begins with the Sunday of the Passion/Palm Sunday

on April 13.  We begin by celebrating Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, then

quickly turn our attention to the story of the Passion of Our Lord according to Matthew. 

Maundy Thursday, April 17, we hear again Jesus’ command to love, and celebrate

footwashing as his own example of loving service and foreshadow of his ultimate love

given in his own death.  Good Friday follows with a service for the community sponsored

 by the Back Mountain Ministerium at Shavertown United Methodist Church at noon,

and our own evening service with our sister congregation, St. Luke Reformation,

Noxen in Noxen. Then Saturday, we gather for the historic liturgy of the first celebration

of the Resurrection with the Services of Light, Word, Baptism, and Meal of the Easter

Vigil at St. Paul’s.  All three of these evening services Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,

are at 7:00 pm.  Then we rise early to a day filled with celebration of the Resurrection

with Easter Sunrise service at St. Paul’s at 6:30 am, and our regular two-service schedule,

8:30 and 11:00 following.  St. Luke Reformation’s Easter morning service will be at 10:30

and include the Sunday School pageant.






  Volunteers are needed to portray the characters in our Narrative Gospel for Palm Sunday,

“The Passion of Our Lord According to Matthew”.  If you are interested, please see the

sign-up sheet on the table in the Narthex, and add your name to it.  A copy of the script will

be mailed to you prior to the services.




  When a Sunday School teacher told her class that Jesus was buried in a borrowed tomb,

one girl raised her hand to share an insight.  “I know why,” the girl said.  “It’s because

Jesus used it for only three days.”





  Shavertown United Methodist Church, April 18th at 12:00 noon.  If you would like to

participate in the service as a lay reader or member of the ecumenical choir, please share

your interest with the church office (570-675-3859) or Pastor Grube in advance.






  Be sure to follow the daily Lenten readings listed in the Sunday bulletin, Facebook, and

the St. Paul’s website (www.stpaulselca.com - click on “events”) each week for your

Lenten devotions.






  The Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, the diocese whose territory includes the territory

of our own Northeastern PA Synod, has elected a new Provisional Bishop.  Bishop Sean

Rowe, already serving as Bishop of the Northwestern PA Diocese, has been elected to

serve the provisional three-year term as he continues his tenure in Northwestern PA. 

Bishop Rowe, with his wife and young daughter, will divide his time between the two

dioceses maintaining a home in Bethlehem as well as suburban Erie, and bring his innovative

leadership to our Episcopal territory.  Our sister congregation, Prince of Peace, Dallas,

is a congregation of the Diocese of Bethlehem.  Remember them in your prayers as they

begin a new chapter in their history.




  May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

 -- George Carlin





  St. Paul’s council is seeking one male and one female Voting Member for our

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Mission District Assembly and the Northeastern PA Synod

Assembly.  The mission district assembly will be Saturday, May 3 at St. John in Sayre

(please see separate insert in this newsletter for more information) and the synod

assembly will be Friday and Saturday, May 30-31 at the Split Rock Resort.  The same

 voting members should attend both assemblies, since occasionally business conducted

at the mission district assembly pertains to business conducted at the synod assembly. 

In addition to the assemblies themselves, the council requests the voting members’

attendance at the monthly council meeting before the assemblies and at the council

meeting following the assemblies for a report.  Expenses for the assembly, including

registration, are covered by St. Paul’s.  This is an exciting way to explore the larger

church!  Please contact the church office before Sunday, April 13th to share your interest.






  Congregation council will be holding elections in early May.  For anyone interested

in serving on council, or if you would like more information regarding responsibilities,

please contact Bruce Thomas (570-675-0663), Kathy Michael (570-675-0581), or the

church office (570-675-3859) to have your name placed on the ballot.




  A little boy was kneeling beside his bed with his mother and grandmother and softly

saying his prayers, “Dear God, please bless Mummy and Daddy and all the family and

please give me a good night’s sleep.”

  Suddenly he looked up and shouted, “And don’t forget to give me a bicycle for my


  “There is no need to shout like that,” said his mother. “God isn’t deaf.”

  “No,” said the little boy, “but Grandma is.”






  The ELCA is providing $700,000 in aid for those who have fled their homes due to the

violence in South Sudan.  The United Nations estimates more than 860,000 people have

been displaced as a result of the fighting that began in December between government

forces and rebels.  Meanwhile in Madagascar, seven young adults, volunteers of the Young

Adults in Global Mission program, are serving for a year in education, medicine, agriculture,

outdoor ministry, social outreach and with youth, women, and the deaf and blind. 

Rachel Swenson, who is serving for a year in South Africa with the program, describes

it this way, “The job of the 60 YAGM scattered across the globe is to accompany -- to walk

with the people in our new communities, to share their sorrows, their victories, their lives

for the short time we cross paths.”  Providing volunteers and financial support for Young

Adults in Global Mission is one way ELCA congregations like ours support Global Mission.

Lutheran Global Health Volunteers, another program of the ELCA, seeks active or retired

health care personnel for short-term volunteer service with Lutheran partner health

ministries in Liberia, Tanzania and India.  For information, contact Ruth Reko at

800-638-3522, ext. 2655, or email LutheranHealth@elca.org or

go to www.ELCA.org/LutheranGlobalHealthVolunteers.






  Our spring plant fundraiser is underway...we are offering a selection of beautiful

bedding plants, hanging plants and potted plants all reasonably priced and grown at

Sirak’s Greenhouses in Muhlenberg.  Order forms are still available in the Narthex

and the deadline to place your order is Sunday, April 20th.  Pick-up dates are Friday/

Saturday May 9/10 right here at St. Paul’s.  Please share order forms with your

friends and relatives.  Proceeds from the sale benefit the ministries of St. Paul’s.








May the light and promise of

the Resurrection

shine in the lives

of the family and friends of


Dorothy Peiffer


Rest eternal grant her Lord,

and let light perpetual shine upon her.



  We also remember Edith Yohn, Nancy Eberts’s sister, who passed away on

March 11th.  May God comfort all who mourn.




Updates to the 2014 Church Directory:


          Nancy Hitchings

          221 Princeton Ave.

          Stratford, NJ   08084-1219


          Nancy has been released from the rehab center, and is living with one

daughter until she can move to Arizona permanently.  We wish her continued

improvement and joy in her new surroundings.


          Lori Hallsson

          147 Oceanside Dr.

          Oceanside Village

          Myrtle Beach, SC   29575


          Lori and Omar are excited about this new phase of their lives. 

May God bless the journey!


          Richard and Elizabeth Glass

          4303 Ashlar Village

          Wallingford, CT   06492-3085


          Dick and Betty will be missed by us all, and Betty tells us that they will

miss each and every one of their friends.  Keep in touch!  God bless you both

in your new surroundings.






  Hi, Everyone,


  The finches are starting to get their yellow back.  Some of the squirrels are starting

to find where they hid their nuts from last year as the snow is melting instead of

bombarding my birdfeeders.  My nose is starting to run a little so I know Spring is

starting to really be here.  Thank you, Lord Jesus!  I really don’t know if I could

take much more of Winter.  Spring means allergies.  Oh, well, each season has its cons. 

After reading this article from the National Institute of Health, Prevalence of allergies

the same, regardless of where you live, I’m glad I live in the northeast with a few less

irritants here. [Go to www.nih.gov and the article is under “In the News” on the right

side of the page.]  The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

has some important information for people that go the alternative route

(http://nccam.nih.gov/health/allergies). I particularly like the one Is It a Cold or an Allergy?

found at that site.  I’ll be joining you sneezing.  I had allergies when I was young, outgrew

them, and now they are coming back!

(Website references retrieved online 3/19/14)


  In Love and Service,

Gail Ide, BSN RN

Your Parish Nurse Coordinator







  St. Paul’s Brotherhood will meet on Tuesday, 22 April at 7:00 pm.  We invite

and encourage all men of the church to attend!





“Behold ... the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the

sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!”

-- Sitting Bull





  A roast beef dinner is scheduled for Saturday, April 5th.  Tickets will be available

at the door -- $9.00 for adults and $4.00 for children under 12.  Take-outs will be

available starting at 3:30 pm and dinner is served beginning at 4:00 pm (until tickets

are sold out).  Please take a moment to review the “helper” sign-up sheet on the easel

in the Narthex.






  St. Paul’s is sponsoring a Support Group for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

(GRG).  The group will meet on the second Wednesday of each month at St. Paul’s. 

Meeting time will be from 6:00 - 7:30 pm with childcare being provided as needed.


  Please call

St. Paul’s at 570-675-3859 for further information and to register.  It is important

to register so proper arrangements can be made for childcare.


  The GRG group is one of four in Luzerne County to address the unique needs of

grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.  According to the AARP, there

are 81,000 children living with their grandparents in Pennsylvania.


The support group will provide an opportunity for grandparents to gather and

discuss common issues and concerns ranging from legal custody to educational

concerns to general child rearing issues.




  “Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.”

-- Carl Friedrich Gauss




  Life isn’t waiting for the storm to pass.  It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.





  The Wyoming Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross announces the

following Back Mountain blood drive location for the month of April:



      Dallas American Legion (Memorial Highway)

          Tuesday, April 22nd *

          from 1:00 to 6:00 pm



* = DRC (Double Red Cell) Donation available


  The Red Cross strongly suggests that appointments be made by calling

1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767) due to possible changes in

donation site locations and times.


  What a gift to those in need!  If you are at least 17 years of age (16 with parental

permission) and in good health, you can help to save up to three lives by donating blood. 

People in your neighborhood, church, and community are in need -- people with cancer,

 or receiving other therapies, or who have had an unfortunate accident.  Your prayerful

consideration is requested!  Please contact the Red Cross at 570-823-7161 or

1-800-REDCROSS for more information.


  [Updates from the Red Cross are posted periodically on the bulletin board in

the hallway by the water fountains.  This is another good way to keep up-to-date!]




  When you get to your wit’s end, you’ll find God lives there.






  The Pantry is in need of the following types of items: cereal of all types, oatmeal, canned

fruits, pancake mix and syrup, tuna, crackers, snacks, fruit juice, puddings of all types,

box potatoes.  These items represent an ongoing need at the pantry.  Please remember

to check the “use by” dates.  You may place your donation in the shopping cart in the

hallway just outside of the Social Hall.






  Do you know how to recognize the warning signs of a stroke?  If you or someone

you know is experiencing any of the below symptoms, call 911 right away.  It is

important to seek medical treatment immediately.

×       Sudden Numbness

×       Difficulty Speaking

×       Severe Dizziness

×       Loss of Coordination

×       Sudden Loss of Vision

×       Sudden Intense Headache

×       Brief Loss of Consciousness

  Protect your health by finding out your risk of having a stroke by participating in the

Life Line Screening that will be held at St. Paul’s on Tuesday, April 22.  Through

ultrasound we evaluate the carotid arteries for the buildup of fatty plaque, which is

the leading cause of stroke.


  Register today for the Stroke, Vascular & Heart Rhythm package, which includes

four screenings: carotid artery, abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial

disease and atrial fibrillation.  In order to register for this event and to receive a

$10 discount off any package priced above $129, please call 1-888-653-6441 or

visit www.lifelinescreening.com/community-partners.






  Prepare ye the way of the Lord!


  The Dallas High School Drama Club presents Stephen Schwarz’s Godspell on

April 11 & 12 at 8:00 pm and April 13 at 2:00 pm in the Dallas Senior High Auditorium.

 Tickets are $10 for general admission, and $8.00 for pre-sale.  As Easter approaches,

what could be better than to revisit the teachings of Jesus through music?  Come and

enjoy this popular musical that illustrates the parables taught by Jesus and his followers. 

Our own Griffin Stone will portray Judas in this production!




  A wise man will desire no more than he can get honestly, use wisely, and leave cheerfully.







  It has been a long, brutal winter and now it’s time to start cleaning out attics, garages,

closets, dresser drawers, &c., in preparation for our spring rummage sale to be held

Friday, May 2nd from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and Saturday, May 3rd from 8:00 am to Noon

 (Bag Day all day).


  Please remember clothes should be clean and useable and we will also accept household

items, dishes, pots & pans, holiday decorations, books, games, &c.  Items may be brought

to the church starting:


          Saturday, April 26 4:00 - 6:30 pm

          Sunday, April 27   11:30 am - 1:00 pm

          Monday, April 28 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

          Tuesday, April 29 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

          Wednesday, April 30      9:00 am - 8:00 pm

          Thursday, May 1   9:00 am - 2:00 pm


  Keep in mind that we will not accept encyclopedias, computer/printer equipment,

cribs, child car seats, or large appliances.  Also note: (1) We have included Saturday

and Sunday drop-off times and on those two dates, please use the back door (by garage)

to bring items into the Social Hall; and (2) the drop-off time deadline on Thursday

is 2:00 pm so that the ladies have time to price items and get them ready for display.


  Homemade baked goods are needed for the bake sale and may be brought to the church

on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  Thank you for your continued support!




  Johnny had been misbehaving and was sent to his room. After a while he emerged

and informed his mother that he had thought it over and then said a prayer.


  “Fine,” said the pleased mother.  “If you ask God to help you not misbehave, He will

help you.”


  “Oh, I didn’t ask Him to help me not misbehave,” said Johnny.  “I asked Him to help

you put up with me.”






  The Bike for World Hunger is coming!  Saturday, May 17th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

at the Bob Rodale Fitness and Cycling Park in Trexlertown.  This is an annual event

sponsored by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod to raise money for the ELCA World

Hunger Appeal.  It’s an opportunity to join with other people of faith for a day to do

something to care for the 1.4 billion people in our world who are hungry.  You can ride

a bike, or walk, or run, or rollerblade.  By getting sponsors, you raise money to send to

the ELCA World Hunger Appeal.  The deadline for congregational registration and t-shirt

order is April 23rd, so let the church office (570-675-3859) know you’re interested right

away!  More information is available on Facebook at NEPS Bike for World Hunger.  So grab

your helmet and your sunscreen and some friends (they don’t even have to be Lutheran!) and

bike for world hunger!




  Be the kind of woman that, when your feet hit the ground each morning, the devil says,

“Oh rats, she’s up!”






  While teaching a group of First Communion students about the Lord’s Supper, a pastor

gave each child one M&Ms candy at the beginning of class.  “Eat it!” he invited, before

proceeding to teach.

  Near the end of the session, the pastor asked the students what they’d thought of the

earlier treat.  “Good!” said one.  “I wanted more!” another admitted.  “I wanted a whole

bag!” chimed in a third.

  “Now you understand another thing about Holy Communion,” the pastor said.  He drew

out of his supplies a full bag of M&Ms for each student.  “Sometimes we call Communion

a foretaste of the feast to come.’”  Indeed, he explained, God promises that one day we’ll

feast together with Jesus in heaven, but until then, Communion is that delicious little taste

of what the feast will be like.  We’re left wanting more because we have “[tasted] and [seen]

that the LORD is good” (Psalm 34:8).






Dear Friends of St. Paul’s,


  I would like to say thank you for all of the thoughtful cards and prayers that I have

received during my recovery from surgery.  The cookies sent from the Social Ministry

were delicious!  I’m truly blessed to belong to such a caring church family.

Much appreciation,

Cindy Eck




Dear Friends,


  Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, cards and especially the cookies.  Vic enjoys

them so much.  We truly appreciate everything you do.  We are grateful to be a part

of St. Paul’s family.

God bless you!


Vic and Marge McCarty





  When you come to the edge of all the light you know and are about to step off into

the darkness of the unknown, FAITH is knowing one of two things will happen:

there will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught how to fly.






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