Good News










474 Yalick Road - PO BOX 802

DALLAS, PA 18612


November 2014


Pastor                                       Rev. Charles H. Grube

Administrative Assistant                          Abby Aristeo

Director of Music/Organist, Sr. Choir,

Chime Choir Director                                Connie Wilt

Chapel & Emmanuel Choir Director            Jean Grube

Custodian                                                  Joan Cease

Sexton                                                James Madonna



       2015                        2016                         2017       

  Annie Bisher  *        Keith Brosious*           Alice Baer*

  Carol Fett              Ray Mancke*               Bill Peiffer*

  Brian Doran            Diane Gordon         Lisa Fetterman

  Steve Thompson     Rob Rolland            John Waschek

*Final Term



President                                  Rev. Charles H. Grube

Vice-President                                   Steve Thompson

Secretary                                              Keith Brosious

Treasurer                                                    Carol Fett



Christian Education                               Keith Brosious

Evangelism/Stewardship    Annie Bisher/Diane Gordon

Fellowship                                                  Carol Fett

Finance                                 Ray Mancke/Bill Peiffer/

                        Rob Rolland/John Waschek/Carol Fett

Head Start/Early Intervention                Diane Gordon

Landscaping                     Brian Doran/Lisa Fetterman

Long Range Planning          Ray Mancke/John Waschek

Parish Nurse/Health Ministry                Lisa Fetterman

Property                                  Brian Doran/Carol Fett

Salary Review           Lisa Fetterman/Steve Thompson

Social Ministry                                             Alice Baer

Staff Support                   Steve Thompson/Bill Peiffer

Worship & Music                        Alice Baer/Bill Peiffer




Sunday School Superintendent         Marjorie Marquart

Financial Secretary                                        Ruth Ide





   The next issue of the GOOD NEWS will be the December 2014/January 2015 combined issue. 

The deadline for all submissions will be Noon on Sunday, November 16th.


Please remember that items for the Saturday and Sunday bulletins are due in the church office

by Noon on Thursdays.






Please remember to ask permission from the person you are placing on the prayer list.


Pray for the Congregation of

Shepherd of the Hills, Dushore.


Pray for Shut-In Members: Margrit Hislop, Bruni Bayer.


Pray for those suffering illness: 

 Members: Flo Belenski, Annie Bisher, Julia Crispell, Maryan Daily, Colin Grube, Hank Henry,

Chuck Koup, Dolores Leehan, Ray Mancke, Olivia Marquart, Vic McCarty, Cheryl Myers,

Cathy Policare, John Reishus, Brian Stepniak, Tabitha Walters, Betty Weaver, Bertha Williams,

Justin Yost.


  Family & Friends: Veronica Bashaw, Diane Bennett, Carole Broehl, Amy Bush, Nicole Cadwalader,

Martha Cease, Alicen Cheshire, Beth Cunius, Joy Daubert, Laura Davis, Gladys Debesis, Nancy & Bob Decker,

Susan Diedrickson, Scott Dietrich, Tawnya Eckert, Kay Fairley, Sarah Frace, Joe Galardi, Jim Grady,

Judith Harvey, Emma Horensky, Audrey Jenkins, June Johnston, Bob Jones, Mildred Kelly, Ted King,

Dan Kopen, Jack Lose, Alicia Mack, Luana Maross, Rev. Albert Martin, Michelle Martin,

Marilyn & Carl Matthews, Margaret McGiffin, Barbara Metcalf, Jason Miller, John Morse, Ruth Noble,

Arlene O’Brien, Drew Oetjen, Ginny O’Malley, Julia Phillips, Rosalie Pretko, Melissa Prokopchak,

Walter Roberts, Rodney Samson, Nancy Sandt, Betty Schultz, Judy Shield, Niki Cheskiewitz Shotwell,

Cale Southworth, Jack Topolewski, JoAnn Turko, Sr. Ann Turnbach, Joe Vereb, Richard Vochevsky,

Gordon Wight, Sophie Willis, Richard Wilbur, and Bobby Zeigler.


  Pray for military personnel: Brian Bayer, Katie Dale, Brian Rigez, Paul Rigez, Adrianne Rigez,

Paul Hiller, Andrew Hiller, David Dymond, William B. Phillips, Jerry Price, Phillip Miller, Matt Lipo,

Joe Walsh, Robert Stevens, Adam Wendoloski, Joshua Knobel, David Spangenberg,

Lt. Commander 04 Shaun McAndrew, Cpl. Christopher Avery, Major Cindy Ruckno,

Major Kevin Andersen, Captain Frank J. Michael, Jr., Daniel Worthington, Michael Tanner,

Stanley Brudnicki, Charles Brudnicki, CDR Chris Petrock, Jason Reed, Ethan Jacobs, Pvt. Kevin Fritzges,

Dustin Siperko, John Feher, Aaron Coburn, Justin Thomas, Specialist Steven J. Martin, Private Esme Molina,

Michael Hoffman, Matthew Yurko, Don Zimmerman.






October 2014


- Secretary’s report was accepted as presented.

- Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.







$   13,525.00

$   13,104.00


$   12,419.00

$   13,638.00


$   18,304.00

$   17,678.00


$   14,279.00

$   15,143.00


$   14,402.00

$   12,521.00


$   18,361.00

$   18,921.00


$   12,188.00

$   12,333.00


$   12,340.00

$   13,067.00


$   15,111.00

$   17,179.00











$ 130,929.00

$ 133,584.00


Budget Update: St. Paul's finances as of

September 2014:



 September 2014

    Year to Date*

 September 2013

    Year to Date*

Total Income*




   $  29,420.00

   $  29,420.00

Total Expenses




*General Fund - does not include Special Appeals or

     Designated Funds


Mortgage Retirement Phase III Campaign:

Total Pledged:

1/1/2014 to 12/31/2016:  $  84,204.99


Total Received to Date:                    $  24,923.00


Loan Obligation Balance:                  $376,634.89


Monthly Loan Payment:                   $    2,929.88




Worship & Music: St. Paul’s has been accepted as the host for the World Day of Prayer in 2015;

God’s Work Our Hands Sunday will be September 13, 2015; Arts & Environment will decorate

for Harvest Home (Oct. 11/12) and harvest hymns will be used; Healing Service October 18/19,

prayer shawls to be displayed; Youth Sunday on November 9 with youth leadership at the 11:00

service only; Sunday School program will be held on Saturday, December 20; Lessons & Carols

will be one service on December 28; Bishop Zeiser will be guest pastor at 90th Anniversary services

June 6/7, 2015 (one service on June 7).


Christian Ed.: The Sunday School Christmas program will be an intergenerational/family event on

Saturday, December 20 from 12:00 to 3:00 pm.  There will be no performance at the church service

on Sunday the 21st.  Thanksgiving lunch will be served on November 23 following the 11:00 service. 

Youth group will be carving pumpkins after the 11:00 service on October 26 in preparation for the

Trunk or Treat that afternoon.   Youth Sunday will be on November 9 at the 11:00 service.  Junior and

Senior youth will participate in the shoebox project this year.  Pastor will meet with the youth and their

families interested in attending the Detroit Gathering trip; fundraising will also be discussed.  The Agape*

concert is scheduled for November 7; a fundraising dinner to be held prior to the concert was discussed. 

Trunk or Treat will be on October 26; coordinators Keith and Trish Brosious are stepping down after this

year’s event, and Alexis Kwon has expressed an interest in taking on the event for next year.


Property: Signs for playground are being donated.  Salt has been ordered and snow removal has been arranged.


Evangelism: GRG update: Conference to be held on October 24 at Mohegan Sun Arena.  Discussion of

Summerfest 2015 (July 25).  We will offer water to the soccer teams using our field. 


Social Ministry: Discussed meals for Mother Theresa Haven and for Orchard Hill which houses homeless

people during the Christmas season.  Harvest Home  funds are to go to St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen. 

Additional hygiene kits were assembled.


Finance: Work has begun on budget for 2015; committee chairpersons asked to turn in requests by

October 28.  Staff Support will meet with staff to review performance and report back to Salary Review

chairpersons.  Property Committee met with Finance to review ongoing building issues, especially

HVAC and roofing problems.


Old Business: “Always Being Made New: the Campaign for the ELCA” will be discussed at the annual

Congregational Meeting in January.  Two separate flash drives will be used to archive the paper records

of past council minutes; the drives will be stored in separate locations and the paper records in a third area.


New Business: Bear Creek Camp has requested help to purchase a dump truck.  Council agreed to put a

toy truck in the Narthex where donations may be placed.






  Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chris Bellezza with 19 members present.  Pam Cyphers was

welcomed as newest member.


  Hostesses for the evening were Barbara Shafer, Chris Bellezza, Cynthia Mahalick (absent), and Fran

Dierolf.  Chris read selections on a theme of “Autumn” for devotions and ended with the Lord’s Prayer.


  Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports for September were approved as presented.  Treasurer also

reported that the proceeds from the rummage sale amounted to $3,786.56.


  Old Business: 1. Rummage Sale - Friday night hours seemed to be well received and it was decided

to keep them for the spring sale.  Motion to sell hot dogs/cold drinks at spring rummage sale passed. 

Discussion followed on (1) how to better communicate with people who are coming to pick up

leftover household goods, clothes, &c.  All workers should know who and when they are coming

and what they plan to pack up and take and (2) additional comments were presented on “early bird”

pre-sale shoppers.  It was decided to place a sign on the front doors that the sale begins at 8:00 am

and no “Early Bird Shopping”.


  2.  Christmas Party - Cookie Fetterman explained that luncheon would be held at Newberry’s

Apple Tree Terrace on Tuesday, December 9 at Noon.  A deposit of $50.00 has been paid.  It was

thought that 40 people need to be in attendance, but Cookie will be checking on this number.  Meal

will be served with choice of three entrees: chicken, beef, or fish with final cost still to be determined. 

Article will be placed in November newsletter and bulletins inviting all women of the congregation

to attend and a sign-up sheet will be on the table in the Narthex.


  3.  Narthex carpet purchase - Carol thanked Ruth Ide, Betty Schray, and Geri Williams for going

with her to look at samples.  Samples from KW Carpets, Dallas ($9,789.00), Scorey Brothers,

Wilkes-Barre ($8,600.00), and Lee & Sons Carpeting, Springville (from $9,000.00 to $10,500.00

based on final carpet selection).  All samples were nylon, two with anti-zippering warranties and

one without.  All three had ten year wear warranties.  Committee recommended carpeting from

Scorey’s.  Motion made to go with recommendation passed.  Carpet sample needs to be shown at

next council meeting before placing order.  Carol also asked Jean Grube (Art & Environment) to

look at sample.


  4.  90th Anniversary - Motion for Dorcas to purchase “Anniversary Cakes” to be served for dessert

at Congregational Picnic on June 7, 2015 passed.


  New Business: 1. A Sign-up sheet was passed around to sign up for desserts for the upcoming

Roast Beef Dinner on November 1.


  2.  Officers for 2015 - After 23 years of faithful service as Treasurer of Dorcas, Helen Carey stated

that she will resign at the end of 2014.  Since no one came forward to serve on the nominating

committee, Chris Bellezza appointed the following persons: Lois Hardisky, Susan Siperko, and

Barbara Shafer.  They will present a slate of officers at November meeting.


  Next meeting will be Tuesday, November 11 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Fett, Secretary






Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


  The Sundays in November lead us to heady thoughts about the saints of God, heavenly worship,

and end times.  We spend a good bit of time looking ahead, in the sense of time and the world,

while we also acknowledge our heritage in the witness of the saints who have gone before us, and

beat us to the end, as it were.  There are some pretty intensely disturbing images from some of

the readings for the season, Halloween and Zombies aside, and a good number of people use

those images to scare people about faith and their own salvation.  It’s ironic since apocalyptic

literature is intended to be words and stories of comfort and assurance for people going through

distressing times, that God has won over death in the death and resurrection of Jesus, and in that

is our salvation.  Remember that as we read together the readings this season about visions,

destroyed temples, and rumors of war.  God wins.









  We were pleased to welcome to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time

three of our younger children of God.  Kiera Lucarino, Joshua Stochla and Owen Stretanski

received their first communion and received our congregation’s gift of a Bible in honor of the

occasion on Reformation Sunday.  These three, along with their parents, spent a Saturday

morning hearing Bible stories, learning about Holy Communion, practicing receiving the

sacrament, and enjoying one another’s company.




  “I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.”

-- Nelson Mandela






  Kathleen Corpus, Don & Marge Pheasant, and Beatrice Pritchard became the newest members of

St. Paul’s on Reformation Sunday.  All were active members and leaders in their previous

congregations and became members by Transfer of Membership from those congregations.  We

rejoice to welcome them and look forward to their continued ministry among us.






  Our registration is in and the ELCA Youth Gathering, Rise Up Together, in Detroit in July 2015 is

our goal.  The always-inspiring performance by AGAPE* is the first of the fundraisers that will support

our group on the trip. Nick Hall, Billy and Jack Robbins, and Andrew Schukraft together with an

international guest from Argentina and Pastor and Jean Grube will be the ones to travel to Detroit. 

Thank you for your support of our youth, the Detroit Gathering, and their fundraisers for the trip.

Your enthusiasm for them is obvious, and it matters.






  Pastor Grube will be away Tuesday and Wednesday, November 11 and 12, for the annual Bishop’s

conference.  The retreat this year is “A Balanced Life: Seeking Self-Care” and will focus on wholeness

and well-being for pastors and church leaders and their families. Pastor Grube is coordinating and

planning the worship for the retreat again this year, and as has become the tradition, the closing

Holy Communion service will include a Renewal of Ministry service for the rostered leaders of

the synod.  Please contact the church office for any pastoral emergencies.






  The annual community Thanksgiving service, sponsored by the Back Mountain Ministerium,

will be Sunday, November 23, at 3:00 pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Irem Road, Dallas. 

Members of the Ministerium will lead the community in praise and thanksgiving for God’s bounty

for us.  We have been richly blessed, indeed.  Please remember to bring a canned good for offering

to the Back Mountain Food Pantry.






  The Fall 2014 edition of “The Servant”, a publication of Lutheran Congregational Services,

features an article, “Camp Noah: A Special Summer Gift”,  and lifts up our own Marty Everhart

and his work with Camp Noah over the years.  Camp Noah provides a week-long Bible School-like

experience for children who are survivors of disasters.  The article highlights this year’s camp in

Toms River, NJ, following the 2012 Hurricane Sandy.  Marty was one of the volunteers who, at

his own expense, traveled and lived there for a week to help with the camp.  He is quoted, “I have

been to several Camp Noah’s -- LaMarque, Texas, Biloxi, Mississippi, Waterloo, Iowa, and one in

Montana.  Each is challenging and different.  Why do it?  I keep on asking myself that, but the

children are worth making the effort and sacrifice that I have to go through to be there.”  The article

continues, “Thank you, Marty, and all of our Camp Noah volunteers, who selflessly dedicate their

time and goodwill to children in need.”  Congratulations, Marty.  Well done, good and faithful servant.




  To give thanks in solitude is enough.  Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. 

Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.

-- Victor Hugo






  The ELCA World Hunger Appeal has great impact around the world, but maybe none more

than among rural homes.  In its October 2014 eNews, they report, “Hunger is not just an issue

in large cities.  A recent report from the Center for Rural Affairs notes that from 2008 to 2012,

14.6 percent of rural households received SNAP benefits.  This rate is higher than the rate of

SNAP participation in both large cities (10.9 percent) and small cities (13.8 percent).”






  The ELCA recently announced that, in an effort to help contain the Ebola outbreak in Africa,

provide food assistance, and more, members of the ELCA have committed an initial $100,000 as

of Sept. 25 to support the response efforts of partners and Lutheran companion churches there,

especially The Lutheran Church in Liberia and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sierra Leone. 

Among their requests was assistance in completing an isolation unit at Phebe Hospital and School

of Nursing in Monrovia, Liberia.  This follows the news we reported last month of $10,000 given

this past summer to Global Health Ministries at the request of the Lutheran Church in Liberia.  You

can see more at: http://www.elca.org/News-and-Events/7699#sthash.S4sFi3jL.dpuf.




  Bill Moyers, a fixture on public television, was once a young associate of President Lyndon Johnson. 

At a White House dinner one evening, the president asked Moyers to offer grace.  Reverently, Moyers

began praying but in a rather soft voice.

  The president interrupted, saying, “Speak up, Bill, speak up!”

  Moyers stopped, turned to Johnson and said, “I wasn’t speaking to you, Mr. President.”






  The Northeastern PA Synod continues to nurture our connection with companion synods with a

Youth Vision Trip to Tanzania in the summer of 2016.  The registration form is available now on

the synod’s web site to be downloaded and printed, and is due April 13, 2015.  A trip to Tanzania

requires a time of intentional team-building and preparation for cultural changes, so it also requires

a long time from the beginning of the selection process to the trip itself.  Youth who will have

completed grades 9-12 in 2016 are eligible to apply, and the application outlines required dates for

interviews and an initial gathering.  You can find the application at www.godslove.org, under the

Events tab.  Contact Pastor Grube for details, information, or questions.






  The brand new preaching resource from Augsburg Fortress, Sundays and Seasons: Preaching, Year B 2015

is now in print.  That may not mean much to you, but this is the resource for which Pastor Grube was

invited to write an article.  Using reflections from the weekly Bible Study group, other pastors, and

friends, he wrote a preaching commentary article for one of the lectionaries of the summer, and it was

accepted and published. Congratulations, Pastor Grube.






  Daylight Saving Time is ending at 2:00 am on Sunday, November 2, so remember to set your clocks

back one hour on Saturday before you go to bed!  [It’s time to change the smoke alarm batteries, too!]





  We remember all the Saints as we celebrate All Saints’ Day at our services on Saturday and

Sunday, November 1 & 2.  Members deceased since All Saints’ 2013: Philip Hitchings, Donald

Zimmerman, Mary Hopkins, David Hopkins, Dorothy Peiffer, Nancy Hitchings, Bernie Hill, Dottie

Henry, Hugh Lamberton, and Catherine Grieshaber.  Baptized members: Reid Edward DiGiovanni,

Young-Nam Kwon, Adalyn Eve Moelling, Haleigh Jean Myers and Audrina Grace Myers.


  You can mail a cheerful greeting card to Bertha Williams at

            United Methodist Home

            50 W. Tioga St. -- Room 20

            Tunkhannock, PA   18657







  All the ladies of the congregation are invited to attend the Dorcas Christmas luncheon to be held

at Newberry’s Apple Tree Terrace at Noon on Tuesday, December 9.  Menu includes Chicken

Franchaise ($24), Beef Brasciole with mushroom skillet sauce ($26), or Fillet of Haddock with crab

topping and mornay sauce ($29).  A sign-up sheet is on the table in the Narthex to place your

reservation, or you may contact Cookie Fetterman (570-675-5983) or Fran Dierolf (570-310-1312). 

Deadline to place your reservation is December 1.






  Enclosed with this newsletter is an order form and envelope for you to place your order for

poinsettias that will be used to decorate the sanctuary Christmas Eve.  Please note that the deadline

to place your order is Sunday, November 23.






Hello, everyone!  Check this out:

  Our own Mary Ehret, who is a Family Consumer Science Educator with Penn State Extension,

was recognized in front of over seven hundred of her peers from across the nation and received a

certificate for her “Healthy Eating on a Budget” newsletter she writes for Nutrition Links.  Her newsletter

won an award at the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Annual Conference

at Lexington, Kentucky, September 15-18, 2014 (all states have their own Extension services). 

Way to go, Mary!


  You will find copies of the Nutrition Links Newsletter in our Revolving Circular Library.  For more

educational materials and to see Mary’s articles go to http://extension.psu.edu/luzerne; at the top click

on the Food& Health tab; scroll down and in the center click on Nutrition, Diet, and Health; on the left side

click on Nutrition Links; then click on the articles that tickle your interest and you might even find a recipe. 

While scrolling through the links I found Public urged to be on watch for invasive Asian longhorned beetles for the

outdoor enthusiasts and Pumpkin Pie Party Mix Recipe. (This is much more fun that putting Healthy Eating

on a Budget in the search spot!)


In Love and Service,

Gail Ide, BSN RN

Your Parish Nurse Coordinator






  The Back Mountain Food Pantry is in need of the following types of items:

  cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, boxed dried potato mix, canned sweet potatoes, canned gravy,

canned fruits and vegetables, macaroni and cheese, rice, pasta, canned evaporated milk, hot chocolate

mix, tea, canned hams, tuna fish, peanut butter, jelly, Jell-O, pudding mix, cake mixes, canned

frosting, cereal of all kinds, juice, and soup.


  These items represent an urgent need at the pantry.  Please remember to check the “use by” dates. 

You may place your donation in the shopping cart in the hallway just outside of the Social Hall.






[Ed. Note: This is the fourth in a series of articles to spread the good word about what Good Gifts

can accomplish.]


  Last year $3.9 million, in the form of the more than 15,000 gifts, was raised to support the mission

and ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) through ELCA Good Gifts.  Your

generous gifts are already changing lives.  Here’s a glimpse of what your gifts helped make possible last



  After her husband died of AIDS in 2009, Kenyonyozi Gauda was left to take care of her three young

children alone.  Living with HIV meant that most of her modest income went to her antiretroviral

treatment.  She was bedridden, and she could no longer keep up with her small business selling bananas. 

Her children could no longer attend school.  And many days, they would go hungry.  Thanks to your

gifts to ELCA World Hunger and our implementing partner Rural Action for Community Based

Organizing, Kenyonyozi received four goats.  She received agricultural and animal training, and

within a year, the four goats became 12.  By selling a few of the offspring, Kenyonyozi was able to

pay for her children to go to school, and could afford their basic needs.


  With the gift of goats and support through ELCA World Hunger, Kenyonyozi and her children

now have hope.  “My children and I are now surviving just like any other family in this village,”

she says.  “And I have my goats to thank.”




  “In the face of demoralization, gratitude has the power to energize.  In the face of brokenness, gratitude

has the power to heal.  In the face of despair, gratitude has the power to bring hope.”

-- Robert Emmons, Thanks! How Practicing Gratitude

Can Make You Happier





  The Social Ministry Committee has been requesting items from the congregation to assist the

homeless or recycle for other causes.  Here is an update of the items we continue to request:


  Aluminum tabs are delivered by members of the Social Ministry Committee to Geisinger business

office in Plains where they are transported to Geisinger, Danville.  The tabs are recycled and the funds

received are used to assist with the operating budget of Ronald McDonald House, Danville.


  Recycled Card Program: This is a new project.  We are requesting greeting cards which are sent to

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Boulder City, Nevada.  The children of St. Jude’s make new cards by

removing the front and attaching a new back.  The result is a beautiful new card which may be purchased

online.   The organization cannot accept Hallmark, Disney or American Greeting cards.


  Health Kits are packaged and delivered to St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen.  We are requesting the

following items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, deodorant, combs, razors, shaving

cream, soap and body lotion.


  Clothing: We continue to request clothing, especially for men who may be homeless.  Items requested

are jackets, sweaters/sweatshirts, shirts, underwear, socks, hats and gloves.  (A big thank you to those

women who are constantly knitting or crocheting hats and gloves.  What a wonderful ministry you perform.)


  Coupons to purchase diapers.  God’s Work Our Hands  project of collecting diapers for the Women’s

Resource Center of Susquehanna County in Montrose went very well.  However, the committee is

suggesting that we now request coupons to purchase diapers which we can send to The Women’s Resource



  Cell Phones for Soldiers requests gently used cell phones which they in turn sell to recycling firms and

use the money to buy calling cards for military personnel overseas.


  Used Eye Glasses: Old but usable eyeglasses are collected and given to the Lion’s Club for their Lions

Recycle for Sight program.


  The baskets for collecting these items are located in the hallway between the Narthex and Social Hall. 

Thank you for your continued support of these important ministries!






  Save the date, and join us for an all-ages, musical concert with special guest artist AGAPE* on Friday,

November 7 at 7:00 pm.  Tickets are $7.00 per person.


  In addition to the concert, a special pre-concert spaghetti dinner is scheduled for 5:30 pm in the

Social Hall.  A combination dinner and show ticket is available and the cost is $15 for guests 11 years and

older, and $10 for guests 10 years and younger.


  Tickets for the dinner are also available without the show, costing $8 for guests 11 years and older, and

$5 for guests 10 years and younger.


  All tickets options are available at the door or by calling the church office (570-675-3859).  For more

information about AGAPE*, visit www.hiphopoutreach.com.  Stay tuned to the weekly worship bulletins

for more information!






  The holiday gift-giving season is fast approaching, and you need a fresh idea.


  Tired of giving the same old gifts?  Are you struggling to give a gift to someone who has “everything”? 

We can help!  ELCA has a program called “GOOD GIFTS”.  For varied monetary gifts you can support

people around the world.  For $10 you can buy chicks that will grow, lay eggs to use or to sell and keep

producing for a family in need.  Other examples include:

                        Buy a pig for $30

                        Buy a duck for $20

                        Buy mosquito netting for $10 to $250


  These gifts are given to honor your loved ones on a special occasion.  You may pick up a catalog

(on the Narthex table) for your own use or fill out one of the forms provided and we will assist in

ordering your gift.  A gift acknowledgement card will be sent to the recipient.


  If you have any questions, please contact Alice Baer (570-333-5407) or email her at baer@epix.net.




  “There are three kinds of giving: grudge giving, duty giving and thanksgiving.  Grudge giving says,

‘I have to’; duty giving says, ‘I ought to’; and thanksgiving says, ‘I want to.”  The latter comes from a

full heart.  Thanksgiving is an open gate into the love of God.”

-- Robert N. Rodenmayer






  Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, a support group which provides an opportunity for grandparents

to gather and discuss common issues and concerns ranging from legal custody to educational concerns

to general child rearing issues, will now meet on the third Wednesday of each month.  The November

meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 19, from 6:00 - 7:30 pm.  Child care is provided;

please call the church office to register.






Grief Share Seminar/Support Group begins November 6 -- help and encouragement after the

death of a spouse, child, family member, or friend.  The video seminars are combined with support

group discussions of the materials presented during the videos.  Meetings will be held on Thursdays

from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the church.  Please call the office at 570-675-3616 for more information.


DivorceCare Seminar/Support Group: Meetings are held on Mondays in the church lounge from

6:30 to 8:30. Video seminar, small group discussion, and personal study reinforce each session’s topic. 

Please call the church office at 570-675-3616 for more information.






[Via telephone to Ellie Rodda, 25 October]

  Please tell the ladies of your church how lovely their prayer shawls are, the workmanship is so nice. 

I do deeply appreciate your church praying for me as I recover from my stroke.  Thank you so much

for thinking of me!

Julia Phillips

Fort Lauderdale, FL




18 October 2014

Dear St. Paul’s,

  I want to thank the members of St. Paul’s for all of their cards, calls, and visits to my mother

during her illness and recent death.  Also, thank you for the many contributions made in her

memory.  I will try to thank all of you individually very soon.


  My surgery on October 8 went well and I am recovering nicely.  I do, however, have a long

road of treatments and therapy ahead of me.  I’m not looking forward to it, but I know God

will be with me each and every day.


  Thank you again for all your prayers and kindness.  I’m honored to be a member of this

wonderful congregation.


Cathy (Susan) Policare




  “Were there no God, we would be in this glorious world with grateful hearts; and no one to thank.”

-- Christina Rossetti





  The Salvation Army is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most trusted charities and has been

Recycling Goods and Reclaiming LivesSM since 1865.


  Your donations help us provide assistance to people with a variety of social and spiritual afflictions

through The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center in your area.


  Without your continued contributions, The Salvation Army would be unable to continue its

mission to help people reclaim their lives.  Your donations allow us to give spiritual, emotional,

and practical guidance to get people back on their feet and on the road to recovery.  Thank you for

partnering with us and helping us continue Doing the Most Good.


[Some goods remaining after the Dorcas Rummage Sale are donated to The Salvation Army. -- Ed.]






  God of all nations, you are our Strength and Shield.  We give you thanks today for the devotion

and courage of all those who have offered military service for this country ...


  We ask today that you would lift up by your Spirit those who are now at war; encourage and heal

those in hospitals or mending their wounds at home; guard those in any need or trouble; hold safely

in your hands all military families and bring the returning troops to joyful reunion and tranquil life

at home.  Give to us, your people, grateful hearts and a united will to honor these men and women

and hold them always in our love and our prayers until your world is perfected in peace and all wars

cease.  Through Jesus Christ, our Savior.  Amen.

-- Rev. Dr. Jennifer Phillips






  In 1774, John Wesley, co-founder of the Methodist Church, offered this advice to people who’d be voting:

            Vote, without fee or reward, for the person you judge most worthy.

            Speak no evil of the person you vote against.

            Take care your spirits aren’t sharpened against those who voted on the other side.






  After a family sat down for breakfast, the father offered his standard prayer of thanks.  Afterward,

though, he began his usual grumbling about financial hardships, the food’s poor quality, how it was

cooked and so on.


  One of his children interrupted: “Dad, did God hear what you said a while ago when you were

giving thanks?”


  “Certainly,” the father replied confidently.


  “And did he hear what you said just now about the bacon and the coffee?”


  “Of course,” the father said, more hesitantly.


  “Which did God believe?”






  Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from counting their blessings.  Research shows that

thankful kids get better grades, experience less depression and jealousy, and maintain a more

positive outlook on life.


  Experts emphasize that parents must model gratitude, especially in today’s consumer-driven

culture.  But professor Robert Emmons notes that being thankful usually comes pretty easily for

 children.  “Kids have a natural affinity to gratitude,” he says.  “They often teach parents as much

or more about gratitude than the other way around.”




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