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474 Yalick Road - PO BOX 802

DALLAS, PA 18612


July/August 2014


Pastor                                       Rev. Charles H. Grube

Administrative Assistant                          Abby Aristeo

Director of Music/Organist, Sr. Choir,

Chime Choir Director                                Connie Wilt

Chapel & Emmanuel Choir Director            Jean Grube

Custodian                                                  Joan Cease

Sexton                                                James Madonna



       2015                        2016                         2017       

  Annie Bisher  *        Keith Brosious*           Alice Baer*

  Carol Fett              Ray Mancke*               Bill Peiffer*

  Brian Doran            Diane Gordon         Lisa Fetterman

  Steve Thompson     Rob Rolland            John Waschek

*Final Term



President                                  Rev. Charles H. Grube

Vice-President                                   Steve Thompson

Secretary                                              Keith Brosious

Treasurer                                                    Carol Fett



Christian Education                               Keith Brosious

Evangelism/Stewardship    Annie Bisher/Diane Gordon

Fellowship                                                  Carol Fett

Finance                                 Ray Mancke/Bill Peiffer/

                        Rob Rolland/John Waschek/Carol Fett

Head Start/Early Intervention                Diane Gordon

Landscaping                     Brian Doran/Lisa Fetterman

Long Range Planning          Ray Mancke/John Waschek

Parish Nurse/Health Ministry                Lisa Fetterman

Property                                  Brian Doran/Carol Fett

Salary Review           Lisa Fetterman/Steve Thompson

Social Ministry                                             Alice Baer

Staff Support                   Steve Thompson/Bill Peiffer

Worship & Music                        Alice Baer/Bill Peiffer




Sunday School Superintendent         Marjorie Marquart

Financial Secretary                                        Ruth Ide





   The next issue of the GOOD NEWS will be the September 2014 issue. 

The deadline for all submissions will be Noon on Sunday, August 17th.


Please remember that items for the Saturday and Sunday bulletins are due

in the church office by Noon on Thursdays.






Please remember to ask permission from the person you are placing on the prayer list.


Pray for the Congregations of

St. Mark, Wilkes-Barre in July and St. John, Wilkes-Barre and

Good Shepherd, Wilkes-Barre in August.


Pray for Shut-In Members: Margrit Hislop, Bruni Bayer.


Pray for those suffering illness: 

 Members: Julia Crispell, Maryan Daily, Marge Fritzinger, Betty Glass, Catherine Grieshaber, Colin Grube,

Dottie Henry, Hank Henry, Peter & Kay Hometchko, Gail Ide, Andy Kaskus, Hugh Lamberton, Ray Mancke,

Olivia Marquart, Vic McCarty, Cheryl Myers, Carole Pyle, John Reishus, Dianna Smith, Betty Weaver,

Bertha Williams, Jamie Yost, Justin Yost.


 Family & Friends: Elijah Ash, Bob Askew, Debra Balla, Veronica Bashaw, Larry Berdis, Amy Bush, Nicole

Cadwalader, Martha Cease, Alicen Cheshire, Chris Crawford, Beth Cunius, Gladys Debesis, Nancy & Bob

Decker, Susan Diedrickson, Lee Eckert, John Eneboe, Joe Galardi, Annie Golightly, Jim Grady, Guy Grube,

Julia Hardaker, Reggie Harrell, Carol Hochenberg, Emma Horensky, Audrey Jenkins, Andrea Kaskus, Mildred

Kelly, Dan Kopen, Joyce Lorah, Paul Lynch, Alicia Mack, Luana Maross, Marilyn & Carl Matthews, Margaret

McGiffin, Bud Mertz, Gary Norman, baby Parker, Ingrid Prater, Walter Roberts, Rodney Samson, Betty Schultz,

Niki Cheskiewitz Shotwell, Kyle Siperko, Mark Slenzak, Pauline Spagnola, Mike Spurlin, Dick Thomas, Linda

Van Gorder, Joe Vereb, Gordon Wight, Richard Wilbur, Bobby Zeigler, David & Joyce Zeveney, and Barbara

(no last name given).


  Pray for military personnel: Brian Bayer, Katie Dale, Brian Rigez, Paul Rigez, Adrianne Rigez, Paul Hiller,

Andrew Hiller, David Dymond, William B. Phillips, Jerry Price, Phillip Miller, Matt Lipo, Joe Walsh, Robert

Stevens, Adam Wendoloski, Joshua Knobel, David Spangenberg, Lt. Commander 04 Shaun McAndrew, Cpl.

Christopher Avery, Major Cindy Ruckno, Major Kevin Andersen, Captain Frank J. Michael, Jr., Daniel Worthington,

Michael Tanner, Stanley Brudnicki, Charles Brudnicki, CDR Chris Petrock, Jason Reed, Ethan Jacobs, Pvt. Kevin

Fritzges, Dustin Siperko, John Feher, Aaron Coburn, Justin Thomas, Specialist Steven J. Martin, Private Esme

Molina, Michael Hoffman, Matthew Yurko, Don Zimmerman.






June 2014


- Secretary’s report was accepted as presented.

- Treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.







$   13,525.00

$   13,104.00


$   12,419.00

$   13,638.00


$   18,304.00

$   17,678.00


$   14,279.00

$   15,143.00


$   14,402.00

$   12,521.00























$   72,929.00

$   72,084.00


Budget Update: St. Paul's finances as of

May 2014:


      May 2014

    Year to Date*

      May 2013

    Year to Date*

Total Income*

   $  89,718.00

   $  90,591.00


   $  20,500.00

   $  16,000.00

Total Expenses




*General Fund - does not include Special Appeals or

     Designated Funds


Mortgage Retirement Phase III Campaign:

Total Pledged:

1/1/2014 to 12/31/2016:          $  84,204.99


Total Received to Date:                $    9,065.00


Loan Obligation Balance:             $402,231.56


Monthly Loan Payment:               $    2,929.88





Property: Roof has been inspected; recommendations are under consideration.


Landscaping: Several erosion issues have been addressed; gravel in parking lot has been cleaned up.


Christian Education: Discussion of youth leader continued.  Agapé will perform at St. Paul’s on

Friday, November 7th.


Worship & Music: “God’s Work Our Hands Sunday” will be September 7th; committee is asking

for suggestions for works of service to be performed in the community.  Baptismal font has been

cleaned and refilled with bottled water.  Harvest Home has been moved to October 11/12.  May

of 2015 is the 90th anniversary of St. Paul’s.


Fellowship: Began brainstorming possibilities for the 90th anniversary of St. Paul’s in May 2015. 

Held new member reception May 18th; confirmation reception scheduled for June 8th; kitchen pantry

and refrigerator were cleaned; graduation parties scheduled for July 13th and July 19th; wedding scheduled

for June 14th.


Social Ministry: Discussed “God’s Work. Our Hands” Sunday, Church World Service Kits, recycled

card program for St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, and hygiene kits for homeless men.


Finance: Reminded council members that all fundraising events need to be approved by council before

event begins.  Head Start (Lehman classroom) and Early Intervention approved the 2% increase requested

for the 2014/2015 school year.


Old Business: Summerfest to include Dorcas Bake Sale, picnic style food by Brotherhood, Themed Basket

silent auction, Hi-Lites Car Show, SPCA, Franklin Twp. Smoke House and fire truck, cancer walk, and blood

drive by Geisinger Blood Center.  Synod Assembly reports from Marty Everhart and Chris Bellezza were read.


New Business:  Welcomed newly elected members; election of vice president (Steve Thompson) and secretary

(Keith Brosious); committee selection (see masthead).






Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


  “It’s déjà vu all over again” is a phrase the well-known and deep thinking Yogi Berra, one of baseball’s

clown princes, is said to have uttered.  Well, it applies to me this summer.  Since Pastor Grube is on a much-

appreciated sabbatical through September 6/7, I, Pastor Lynn Rothrock, will be your shepherd.


  For many of us it is déjà vu as we ministered together at St. Paul’s when the building was on Memorial

Highway in Shavertown.  Much has naturally changed since then -- now we will renew our spiritual life

together.  Others of you will be relating to me for the first time -- I look forward to our opportunity to

share our faith and minister together.


  My wife Glenda and I live in Dallas.  Glenda taught school for many years at the Elementary building. 

Now traveling to visit our children and grandchildren brings joy and excitement our way.  Add some golf,

tennis, fishing and camping and life is good.


  All of this to say I look forward to leading worship and being your “acting pastor” during these months. 

May God walk with us, as He always does.


Pastor Rothrock





  This year’s Vacation Bible School is Weird Animals: Where God’s Love is One of a Kind! 

It starts on Sunday, July 27 and goes to Thursday, July 31 from 5:30-8:00 pm.  Dinner will be served

every night at 5:30, with the exception of Sunday night which is a covered dish dinner.  We welcome

kids ages 3-11 to register for camp but we will also hold an Adult Bible Study each night for anyone else

who is interested.  We will sing songs, play games, make crafts, and have a great time!  If you would like

to volunteer for VBS, please email stpaulsvbs@gmail.com. Registration is happening now on the St. Paul’s

website so don’t forget to sign up!  Go to www.stpaulselca.com and click on either “Links” or “Events” for

a link to the registration form.  There are also copies of the form on the Narthex table.






  We remember Katherine Redline, William Redline and Joan Niedjaco’s mother, who passed away June 6.

  We also remember Jean Reilly, Herb Bonnice’s aunt who passed away on June 7.

  And we remember Elizabeth “Libby” Cyphers, Bob Cyphers’ mother, who passed away on June 10.

  May God comfort all who mourn.


Keep in Touch


  Update your 2014 Church Directory!

  Carlos and Amanda Lopez have a new address:

41 Pinecrest Ave.

Dallas, PA   18612-1629


  Lori Hallsson has a new address:

              1711 Hwy 17 South

              Unit 154

              Surfside Beach, SC   29575-4431


  We pray that their new surroundings will be peaceful and comfortable.




  Wedding bells are ringing for Hilary Grube and Alex Behlohlavek on July 25th.  Hilary graduated with

honors from Susquehanna University this spring with a Bachelor’s degree in Math and French.  Alex, her fiancé,

is from Pittsburgh, and also graduated with honors from Susquehanna in May with a degree in Music Education. 

The wedding will be held in York, Pennsylvania, with the Rev. Stanley Reep presiding.  Pastor Reep is Pastor

Grube’s seminary classmate and godfather of Colin.  Clara, Hannah, and Colin Grube are all members of the

wedding party.  Susquehanna alumni will provide music for the service.  Many happy blessings are wished for

the bridal couple.


  If you wish to send congratulations, please mail to the Grube residence, 6 Orchard St., Trucksville, PA 18708.




  “Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.”

-- Mother Teresa





  Donations were received after the bulletins had been printed for Sunday, June 15th. 

Gifts were made to the General Fund in Memory of:

  Our Fathers, by Vernon and Julia Crispell

  Gustaf Kvarnberg and Fritjof Reishus, by John and Grace Reishus






  St. Paul’s is sponsoring a Support Group for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG). 

The group will meet on the second Wednesday of each month at St. Paul’s.  The July meeting

will take place on Wednesday, July 9, and the August meeting will be on August 13. 

Meeting time will be from 6:00 - 7:30 pm with childcare being provided as needed.

  Please call St. Paul’s at 570-675-3859 for further information and to register.  It is important

to register so proper arrangements can be made for childcare.


  The GRG group is one of four in Luzerne County to address the unique needs of grandparents

who are raising their grandchildren.  According to the AARP, there are 81,000 children living

with their grandparents in Pennsylvania.


  The support group will provide an opportunity for grandparents to gather and discuss common

issues and concerns ranging from legal custody to educational concerns to general child rearing issues.


  Please consider volunteering this brief time during your month to supervise the children while

the adults have their meeting and respite.




  Our attitude toward the poor is still one of the surest tests of the health of our freedom.  The moment

freedom is used to avoid acts of mercy or help or compassion, it is exposed as a fraud.  A free person who

finds ways to enhance the lives of the poor demonstrates the truest and most mature freedom.

-- Eugene H. Peterson, Traveling Light






  September 7, 2014: please mark your calendar!  Here are the projects that we hope to accomplish by that date:


              Families will bake cookies on Saturday, September 6, to be taken to the police departments, fire houses

and nursing homes in our area.


              Youth and young adults will clean up/fix up parks or trails in our local area.


              Diapers will be collected to be given to our Adopt-a-Family project through the Women’s Resource

Center of Susquehanna County.  A basket to collect the diapers is in the hallway.  For your information, diapers

are not covered by the SNAP or WIC programs.


              Socks will be requested for our Head Start children.  They would prefer crew socks for shoe sizes 6-10,

or ages 3-5.  There will be an additional basket in the hallway to receive the socks.


              Details of all of the above will appear in the weekly bulletins and on the webpage under “Events”.


  This is going to be a great project in which we can all participate.  We look forward to joining you in doing

“God’s work.”  Thank you!






  Missionaries Krystle Moraska-Madrussan and Ignacio Madrussan will be at Union Lutheran Church in

Schnecksville on Saturday, August 9, at 5:00 pm.  The congregation is planning a cook-out, a sing-along

with the ULC Praise Band, and the opportunity to meet Krystle and Ignacio.  They will share their experiences

in Argentina/Uruguay, the area in which they serve.  Please join in a time of fellowship and sharing.  Cost for

the cook-out is $5.00 per person.  Please tell the church office (570-675-3859) by July 18 if you are planning

to attend.




  “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

-- Mark Twain





  The Dorcas Society of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church will be hosting a Quilt Show and Tea

on Saturday, August 23, 2014.  There will be numerous quilts and other quilted items on display. 

For tickets, which are $7.00 each, contact Lois Hardisky at 570-675-1006.  To have a quilt displayed

contact Cynthia Mahalick at 570-674-5504.  For more information please speak to any member of

Dorcas Society.






[Ed. Note: This is the second in a series of articles to spread the good word about what Good Gifts can accomplish.]


  Last year $3.9 million, in the form of more than 15,000 gifts, was raised to support the mission and

ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) through ELCA Good Gifts.  Your generous

gifts are already changing lives.  Here’s a glimpse of what your gifts helped make possible last year.


  For many years, Randy had enough work as a carpenter to buy himself a new car each year.  But in 2008,

he lost everything -- even his house.  He found food and shelter at Central City Lutheran Mission in San Bernardino,

Calif., a ministry supported by your gifts to ELCA World Hunger.  As a resident, Randy joined the cooking crew

and helped prepare the meals for others.  He recalls going to the food bank as early as possible to get the best

ingredients for the community.


  After six months at the shelter, Randy found work.  But his help in the kitchen never ended.  To give back,

Randy continues to volunteer at Central City Lutheran Mission, especially on food give-away days, when nearly

100 bags of groceries are distributed to people in need. 


  Now Randy’s got a place to call home, food, fulfilling work and relationships.  “What more do I need?” he asks.






  The National Institutes of Health has issued a very interesting paper about hyperthermia --

what happens to your body when it gets too hot.


  A copy of this important information is available in the Narthex, or by visiting the NIH website

at the following link: www.nih.gov/news/health/jul2014/nia-02.htm .


  Remember to check on your elderly or shut in neighbors, and help them to stay safe during the

hottest times of the year.






  The Fine Arts Committee of the Shavertown United Methodist Church is proud to announce a concert

of Tim Zimmerman and the King’s Brass, to take place on Wednesday, July 16 at 7:00 pm at the church

on North Pioneer Avenue in Shavertown.  Bring your friends to the air conditioned sanctuary to hear hymns,

patriotic, big band classics, and more.  Tickets are $10 for adults and are available at the door or by calling

570-675-3616; children are admitted free.





  “Navigating the Unknown: Using Social Media for Ministry” will take place on October 11

at Muhlenberg College from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Learn about Strategy and Tactics, Social Media

Tools, and Making Sure Your Church Website Works with Meredith Gould.  Registration is $30 at

conta.cc/lim8E7n or by calling 610-266-5101.  Please see the poster on the bulletin board by the water

fountains for more information.






Dear St. Paul’s Social Ministry,

  Many thanks for the great Easter Basket and all the thoughtful items inside -- I have enjoyed each and

every one!  It is very special to be remembered -- I appreciate your thinking of me.  God bless you all!

With love --

Dottie (Henry)




[To Social Ministry]

  Thank you for all the love, and goodies you stuck into my Easter Basket (from smell goods to taste goods).

  Sending hugs to all you ladies that work so hard to share with us! -- and a tidbit to help others!

Maryan Daily




  George W. Bush, in an airport lobby, noticed a man in a long flowing white robe with a long white

beard and flowing white hair.  The man had a staff in one hand and some stone tablets under the other arm.

  George W. approached the man and inquired, “Aren’t you Moses?”  The man ignored George W. and

stared at the ceiling.

  George W. positioned himself more directly in the man’s view and asked again, “Aren’t you Moses?” 

The man continued to peruse the ceiling.

  George W. tugged at the man’s sleeve and asked once again, “Aren’t you Moses?”  The man finally

responded in an irritated voice, “Yes, I am.”

  George W. asked him why he was so uppity, and the man replied, “The last time I spoke to a Bush I

had to spend forty years in the desert.”






  Camp Noah is a week-long day-camp for children age

1 through 6th grade, who were involved in a natural or man-made disaster.  During the camp we teach

children resiliency.  We show them that we care about them but most of all that God cares for them.

  On a typical Camp Noah day, we feed the children breakfast and hold an opening with camp songs and

prayers.  We give the children a wise word from Noah himself.  From day one our mantra is “I am somebody

special!  There is no one else like me!  I like the way I am.  That’s who I want to be.

  We play games, have Bible study, eat lunch, do crafts.  It’s a fun day for the children, as we try to make a safe

environment so that the children can be children for that week.

  There will be two camps this summer: July 12-18 at Toms River, NJ and August 18-22 at Fort Plain, NY. 

This is a truly ecumenical effort, with Greek Orthodox, Reformed, Catholic, Presbyterian, and Lutheran

churches working together to make Camp Noah successful in their city.

  If you would like to volunteer to be part of the staff, contact Ruth Doty at ruth@lutherancongregationalservices.org. 

Monetary donations may be sent to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Att’n: Carol Fett, PO Box 802, Dallas, PA   18612. 

Please indicate that your donation is for “Camp Noah” on the memo line.

  I look forward to hearing from some of you and your show of support, for God’s work to his children.

Always in God’s Amazing Grace,

Marty Everhart

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Dallas

St. Luke Reformation Lutheran Church, Noxen




  Scientists have discovered that sound travels faster in the summer than in the winter.  In hot summer air,

sound travels at 1,266 feet per second.  But in cold air, sound travels as slowly as 1,066 feet per second. 

So that means sermons preached in the summer will naturally be shorter, right?




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